Are You Annoying Your Teacher?

Jaden Marolt, Culture and Relations Team

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There are 93 teachers and over 2,000 students at Horizon High School. While being (mostly) well behaved, students can often be difficult to handle, which is why not everyone can be a “teacher’s pet.”


Many students are tempted to push teachers’ buttons, and do their best to get on their very last nerves. Others simply just don’t care and do what they want. This is no way to go about school. Teachers need to be treated with respect, and students need to avoid doing the things that particularly bother them.


“Students have a constant need to be on a cell phone, and will sacrifice their educational future for a few more minutes on Snapchat,” Mrs. Funk, biology teacher, says.


Although phones are rather tempting, they should not be present in a classroom. If students are too busy texting or playing games, they are missing the material being taught therefore setting themselves up to fail their assignments.


If students would just put the phones down and engage, there is a high chance of taking in more information.


“I hate it when students copy their assignments and think we don’t notice; all they’re doing is giving up on education for an easy write out,” Funk states.


High school comes with a great load of work. However, the assignments are purposeful and teachers’ intentions lie in helping their students learn.


Writing down and slightly changing answers from the kid who sits next to you in physics is not going to help you learn anything, and students need to realize this.


Phones and copying are two of the major pet peeves shared by teachers, but the list goes on.


“Students never reach their full potential when they turn in all of their work late and don’t take advantage of corrections,” Mr. Maestas, physics teacher, says.


Teachers do care about their students, and expect us to do our best— so why do we keep committing all of their biggest annoyances?

Even though school may be challenging at times, it is the student’s job to find the motivation needed to fulfill their education. With determination comes success, and we need to start putting in the same level of effort that our teachers invest in us.