The Latitude for Gratitude

How to use gratitude to your advantage

Kendall Hudson, Productivity Manager

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Gratitude has the possibility to go a long way. Here at Horizon, our school loves to encourage positivity between all personnel. Giving thanks and stimulating positive behavior can affect a person both mentally and physically.

Mrs. Deb Moquin, one of Horizon’s counselors, spoke on gratitude and says,

“I would picture gratitude as being thankful for the good things that are happening to you and the people who you are around.”

In an article written by Time, they depicted how giving gratitude can change one’s overall happiness. In a teenage-filled time, pure happiness can sometimes be hard to come by. But just as Mrs. Moquin said, having the appreciation of every positive thing in life will better one’s life in the long run.

For students, sometimes it can be hard to look on the positive side when constantly facing stress, homework, and friendships. However, making a point to search for the best of things even in the worst of situations can be surprisingly beneficial.

The Greater Good Magazine made a helpful suggestion that people to start keeping gratitude journals. One excerpt a day about one specific thing can, in the long run, start a habit of being a more positive person and not necessarily having to search for those moments.

When asked if gratitude affects people more mentally or physically, Mrs. Moquin answered by saying, “Both are affected, but it is [mainly] mentally.”

Mentally, gratitude can change not only the perception that people have on others but also themselves. If one begins to truly focus on themselves, they will not only be aware of how others act but will push others to do the same.

It is simple to take life for granted and living in such a world like today’s, it can be hard to see the good in some situations. With every obstacle you face, there can always be a victory at the end. Being aware of what and where that side is can make everyone a better person.

Remember, the latitude for gratitude is indefinite. Next time you see someone passing in the hallways, give them a compliment and look for the greater good in life.