Nicholas Lockwood
Nicholas is a Junior at Horizon High School. Nicholas is a devoted Cross Country runner who practiced year-round and is determined to get a better time than the previous race. Nicholas also participates in Track & Field for a better runner performance. Nicholas is a determined hard worker who completed his tasks efficiently at school to make sure that he is one step ahead. Nicholas enjoys speaking about several topics, when it comes to athletics, video games, and electoral politics. He enjoys learning about new perspectives from a variety of people with different backgrounds, experiences, and groups in order to further his knowledge. Nicholas is enthusiastic to visit new places across the country and go to national landmarks to learn about historical events in the past to further his understanding of why current events are tied to these past events. Lastly, Nicholas is a diligent worker who knows shortcuts and tricks when it comes to the digital landscape that is presented throughout the digital era. 


Nicholas Lockwood

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Nicholas Lockwood