Top 5 Healthy Must Have Habits


Anahy Tena

Picture Credits: (5 Healthy habits to live by)

 I believe that having healthy habits in your life will make life easier. It will shape and build who you are later in life. Even when facing challenges, these 5 healthy habits will help.. Starting with Exercising, Eating healthy, Making sure your space is Clean/Organized, Taking care of your mind, and Journaling are all beneficial and amazing habits to have in your life. 


  Picture Credits: (The Mind:Transform it through your body)

Exercising is on the top of these must-have habits. Exercising not only helps you get stronger but it also helps maintain weight, boosts energy and it can help with those who struggle from stress and anxiety.It helps me when I need a stress reliever and I know it helps other people. Exercising is taking care of your body and if you don’t like to exercise there’s also yoga! Yoga can help improve your balance and flexibility as well as keeping you calm and can help with anxiety and as well as helps break down the energy within the body.

Eating Healthy- 

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Creating the habit of eating healthy will also improve your health. I’m eating vegetables and fruit, making sure you eat enough protein, nutrition and drinking water. Having balance will really help with this healthy eating habit. Eating healthy is also taking care of your body. By following this habit you are not only feeding your body with all these healthy foods but you are also feeding your brain. 

Making Sure Your Space Is Clean/Organized- 

Picture Credits: (5 Benefits Of Keeping a clean and Tidy Workspace)

Making sure that your space is clean/organized is an amazing habit that I deeply recommend. I personally can’t work well if my space is unorganized. Keeping your space clean can help you work more efficiently as well as organizing your space and making sure that there’s no clutter.

Taking Care of Your Mind-

Picture Credits: (How to Take Care of Your Mind)

Taking care of your mind and the way you think will create a better habit for yourself. Having a better mindset, being more positive  towards yourself. Self love is the best love out there and it starts with you to create this habit. Overall, taking care of yourself and learning how to control your emotions and not letting them control you is important because you’re less likely to experience burnout, stress, anxiety and depression.


Picture Credits: (Journaling When You Hate Writing)

Journaling is a must have habit, it’s one of the healthy habits that has helped me the most. This is a must have habit because it can help keep track of your thoughts, emotions, any homework or even if you just want to write something down. It can also help with depression, anxiety, and can help reduce stress. Journaling helps me be more organized and helps me not get burned out when sometimes school and athletics can be too much. Journaling can overall improve your mental state. 

In conclusion, these are 5 healthy must have habits that have helped and shaped my routine. I´m a very organized person and I have to stick to a routine or else I’ll feel very unproductive. These are the habits that have helped me and I have used them for years now.