Sleeping Flies and Climate Anxiety — The Week in Infographics

Source: C. Hickman et al. Preprint at (2021).

Source: C. Hickman et al. Preprint at (2021).

Julissa Culebro

The Kids are Not Okay

Climate change has been causing distress, anger, and other negative emotions within children and you people worldwide. According to a survey between 16 to 25, within 10,000 people have felt about climate change and the government. The results were released in a preprint on 14 September.


A Tale of Two Labs

One of the most urgent problems for a scientist is funding. A formal Neuroscientist Alison twelve trees and a molecular biologist Daniel Bose, who are married to each other, are researchers who have taken epic challenges launching their laboratories. Within the past three years, Nature reporters have documented with gripping details within the married couple’s journey with a start-up in science. The image below shows a graphic offer of a snapshot of fortunes at a point where a hard-won fellowship was allowing Dan to invest in new equipment, but the future for Ali’s lab was more uncertain.


Sleeping Flies Can Sense

When people are asleep, they can respond to stimuli with the sound of names or a baby crying. In a news article on Nature. Researchers show that the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster can also actively process sensory information during sleep and that the stimuli can be affected by how hungry the fly is. The researchers delivered various odorants to sleeping flies. If the flies wanted food, they woke up much more readily in response to food odors, but not to non-food odors. This shows that flies continue to process olfactory information, as well as the value attached to different odorants, during sleep.