Later School Start Times

Gabe Rodriguez, Guest Writer

We should have later school start times because it can improve grades and health of students. It needs a change because only 8% of high school students get the amount of sleep they need. For every 34 minutes of extra sleep there is on average a grade increase of 4.5%. Also it is not just affecting grades it is affecting students mental and physical health.


Researchers examined students and half of the student showed signs of narcolepsy because they were so tired. How often do you go into classes and see kids not focusing because they didn’t get enough sleep the night before? On average students get 6 hours and 50 minutes of sleep because they are worried about academic responsibilities and it affects them the next day and affects how they feel in the morning.


Students not getting enough sleep can also cause depression. If we push back start times they can get more sleep and finish all their academic things also.