Where do the Denver Broncos Stand?

Holly Rivera, Editorial Editor

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For Denver Broncos fans, this year was filled with lots of disappointment.  Some fans even refuse to watch the never-ending Broncos defeat.

Instead of watching the Denver Broncos this year, fans opted to watch the semi-successful Colorado Buffs or our talented neighboring Kansas City Chiefs.

With a new quarterback this year Case Keenum, who was apart of the Vikings last year, our struggling rookie Paxton Lynch will be replaced. Keenum has brought a veteran presence to the youngsters of the team. His presence with the Super Bowl 50 MVP linebacker Von Miller has brought great wisdom for some valuable rookie success that ultimately could bring these small stars into the next reigning champs and potential MVPs.

A name that has brought great significance to this 2018-2019 team would have to be former Colorado Buffalo running back Phillip Lindsay. Many spectators compare his running stats to the first round pick Saquon Barkley. While Barkley is a very impressive young man and has a big future ahead of him,fans need to bring light to Lindsay who is right behind Barkley in yardage and was also picked up undrafted this year.

While there will always be shade sent John Elway’s way, there’s the people that love him; however, there are also the people that can’t keep their faith in the Broncos’ success. Picking up Phillip Lindsay was a great move by Elway; we have to give the dog a bone sometimes.

Another bone would have to be given to the talented rookie wide receiver Courtland Sutton who has brought value to the Broncos as the first-string wide reciever and catching Case Keenum throws. Something that as weeks passed fans saw our beloved Demaryius Thomas fail to do. It looked as though Keenum and Thomas didn’t bring that chemistry in Denver, as trust in one another was lost on the field.

In the end, this lead to a heartbreaking trade of Demaryius Thomas which broke our tag team with Emmanuel Sanders. Sanders expressed his feelings of his best friend’s trade in a interview on the Broncos Youtube saying, “It was tough to see him go, but at the same time I got a job to do. I gotta lead these guys and that’s what I am gonna do.”  

While the salary cap increased and the team was benefitted with a few draft picks….we lost a  family member who helped the Broncos win two Super Bowls. He was a well respected player all around from a fan and business viewpoint.

As John Elway said from the Official Broncos Website, “He developed into an elite player over the years, establishing himself as one NFL’s most productive, consistent and reliable wide receivers. D.T. was a big part of so many wins and memorable moments as a Bronco.”

He will always be remembered as a true Bronco and as we played the Texans the week Thomas was traded it sure did bring value to that game. Broncos ended up losing to Texans in the fourth quarter making it a hard loss for all kinds of reasons.

However, it was time to move on from the hard loss with their bye week which proved true value in the Broncos game against the Chargers winning it in the last two minutes of the game.

Although the Broncos aren’t playing for much with the jaw breaking Kansas City Chiefs leading the AFC West, they can still show that they’re building and that every move they make is to make their team better.