Monophobia, Coulrophobia, Arachnophobia Oh my!


Haylee Emanuel, Section Editor

Many phobias, or intense and irrational fears, are crawling around the world today; but some people don’t know which ones are creeping around, or how to deal with them.

Monophobia (Mon-oh-foh-bee-uh) goes by many different names: Autophobia, Isolaphobia (Iso-la-phobia), or just the fear of being alone. Monophobia is the fear of being alone or isolated.

In an article written by Dr. Vince Berger, it states, “The fear of being alone can make a person feel very insecure, anxious and depressed. If you fear being alone you may become over needy of other people and feel as if you must be around people at all times.  While we all, to varying degrees, need people in our life, if you feel you must have people around all the time then this need is controlling you.”

Monophobia is a serious fear because not only does it control an individual, but it changes one’s perspective on the world.     

Coulrophobia (Kool-ruh-foh-bee-uh), or the fear of clowns, is starting to make its appearance in the world today.the article “Coulrophobia: The fear of Clowns” states, “Some researchers believe that coulrophobia cases increased after the 90’s, when Steven Spielberg classic horror film IT, depicting a murderous clown was released and the portrayal of Joker as an evil character in Batman movies did not help the matter either.”

The phobia has an effect called the uncanny valley effect. According to the article  Coulrophobia: why clowns trigger our fear reflexes by Dean Burnett. The “uncanny valley effect is a phenomenon where things that look human but “aren’t quite there” are incredibly unsettling. It appears to be a fundamental reflex. Slap a pair of googly eyes on a sock and you’ve got yourself a loveable puppet that nobody has any issue with, but a highly-realistic android with an almost-but-not-quite-identical face to that of a real human is often very off-putting. Ventriloquist dummies share a similar “scary” reputation to clowns, likely for this reason.” Our minds trick us into thinking that there is something under that mask that could hurt us and it scares the mind because it isn’t a common human norm.

What is Arachnophobia (a-rack-no-foh-bee-uh)? That’s the fear of spiders. That’s it, spiders. The eight eyed and eight leg furry friend that sends people into a screaming mess. A person who has the fear would do anything to stay away from the spider even it means trying to kill a spider with a blowtorch.

In the article, Understanding Arachnophobia or the Fear of Spiders  written by  Lisa Fritscher, it states, “Experts are still uncertain what causes arachnophobia. There a few theories, though. One of the most common theories was put forth by evolutionary psychologists. This view suggests that arachnophobia was a survival technique for our ancestors. Since most spiders are venomous, although most do not pose a threat to humans, a fear of spiders may have made humans more likely to survive and reproduce.”

Though many phobias course through our veins every day it affects a huge percent of even worse than people realize. one thing is for sure, Everyone have someone around them that could share the same phobia as that individual and they just don’t know it yet.